Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Michaela Sefler

And they keep
in control they remain
for knowing demise and victory
was a day so long.
They respond,
and the name remains
as steel
And through the fire
they walk,
for their faith remains
and keeping a kingdom
is still.
And strength is kept
and composure is still,
and the truth held
is admired.
So the lovers attempt
and the wise man still hold
for fortune is bestowed
on the living.
Many awaited,
their ritual alive
giving possibility
for the living.
And a true motive gives forth
and conspiracy constricts,
and mutual attempts brings them closer.
And the glory still shines
and the new city is transformed,
into elements that remind
of the victory that once was.
Numbers and forms
permutations and building blocks
even structures tall and complex in function,
still tell.

© 2008 Michaela Sefler

Michaela Sefler is a mystical poet, living in Canada. Her Poetry is esoteric and alludes to ancient ideals. She has had six published compilations of poetry, the most recent of which, "healing tree," came out in January.

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