Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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No Braner

by Richard Tornello

Brane, Brain, Anti-Brane
Come together. Bang again.
String a theory, loop and tie.
Gravity’s merged,
without a try.

String a theory push and pull
Space-time fabric, dimensions full.
The warp and weave, tangled and spiked.
Jumbled compressed just Calabi-Yau like,
fill our universes, 9 dimensions all.

Theories abound as to acceleration,
current universal inflationary flurry.
Matter dark and omnipresent?
Collisions way dimensions distant?
Causing current inflation’s hurry?

To look at Burgess and Quevedo
Yet not conclude?
From 9 to 7 then to 5.
From there we’re 3 and not,
Accelerated inflation, not so dark.
It’s auntie-brane taking us out of park.
In gear we go and what a ride.
That is,
till we meet the other side.
Plus and minus annialiate.
Anode cathode power it:
our apocalyptic de-noue-ment?

Finus firmanentum
we become one.
radiation, exeunt omnes,

© 2007 Richard Tornello

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