Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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A Biblical Conundrum

by Richard Tornello

Population Genetics
A subject,
That 150 people did mosey
their way from below.

To the rest of the globe
they all did stroll.
And what they were then,
are we today.
Only "slightly" off in some ways.

Yellow Black Red
Pink and Brown,
And it's said
This spectrum’s from the same bed!

How, might you query
Did we become oh so many?
Varied but much quite the same?

Are the 150 who dared to go and off
the Adams and Eves of our myths?

If that is the case,
on its bold face
From whence, did conceive of this here race?

Jokes on this coast
Of Virginia West
A situation,
At not seen as best.
be somewhat kind.

That situation,
oh this bind
Wrap around my axles mind.
In conclusion, I do find:

It’s brothers and mothers
sisters and fathers
and combinations I can only just guess.
who coming together,
loved one another, and
started this one, big old mess.
(Not intended would be my guess)

So maybe we can
In our minds understand
That's been inbred again and again.
The resulting effects
and these genetic defects
are not norms
that we should take as granted.

What historically's been claimed,
in varied gods names,
are caused,
from bedding our kin.

Based on behavior
That transcends a savior
We're fucking each other all day.
If it ain't in the bed
Or things that we said
It's in the streets and in a war.

Perpetual insanity, genetic inanity
Psychology, dysfunctionality,
of one large planetary family.

© 2007 Richard Tornello

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