Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Intelligent Design

by Richard Tornello

Its Great! Its News!
We aren't born here from the ooze!
Darwin's wrong on this, oh yes.
We're not related to the chimps.

Mitochondria science does show
from a group of mothers we ALL did grow.
And all displaced that came before,
we the planet took for us.

To digress and give examples current:
Look two:
Australia the NA American continent.
Be they similar in DNA’s
they show what happened
when ways divinely planned.

But who or what designed this plan?
The Plan that evangelicals do proclaim?

Well that's top secret
Until we can a way to figure
The truth forsooth for us to jigger.

Darwin had it right for most but,
Regarding US he's really toast,
this planet earth, its history.
The race called humans,
is a tad bit different from its host.

Well intelligent design it seems to be.
But whose intelligence we've yet to see.
Just stick around and will reveal:

Evangelicals claim the truth
From bible, myth that is forsooth.
Reality , a bit more darker
and not my friend? What I would barker?.
It does not lend itself to those who claim
biblical history the only proof.

You'll see that soon enough.
But the truth's so weird and un-denying
to even those that live relying
on falsehood and science so twisted.
And yet,
to all, possibly reviling.

The story goes like this my friends:
Our physicists and astronomers have made
outer world contact,
and data in
are too dismayed.
These other beings to us providing
the truth to those among us appearing:
somewhat cogent and even keeled
(to use a phrase,
                        a term, that truth be known
                                        is somewhat lame).

It seems as if This Planet was

Was established for

For the single purpose

Purpose being

            Of housing safely

All galactic crazies.

(Batty oh so in our heads yet
We think we're sane.)
Read on there's more,
no, no ,no,
this kinda talk
it hurts my brain)

We're here to put so very far away,
(We're at the edge)
so as not to mess the galactic rest.
Since what sane people would mess their nests
to such degree
with known and current technology?
And tribal warfare?
On global scales?
Killing others, without a look, no turning pale?

Don't kid me, don't defend
It is way too true.
It's me,
it's you.

So intelligent design though may be true
is not what has been foisted on you.

We're the kooks and psychos
                        in this place,
A genetic defect
                        passed on by race.

We're never going to be let out the bin
Until we, for truth, we look within.

© 2007 Richard Tornello

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