Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Fetid Embrace

by Cameron Nielson

Dreaming, I saw you,
A beauty so fair.
You were rotting
And falling apart at the bones.
I kissed you, so sweetly,
My decomposed bride.
As my mouth pulled away
I took your lips with mine.
Don’t worry, my dead darling,
I’ll paste them back on,
As well as that patch of hair
That fell from your rotting skull.
Tonight I will steal you
From your lonely morgue-prison.
I will take you home and make you
My glorious corpse-queen.
Come morning, they’ll be looking,
But I won’t turn you over.
I’ll hold you forever
In a fetid embrace.

Copyright © 2002 Cameron Nielson

Cameron Neilson lives with his wife and two dogs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He studied psychology at the University of Oklahoma and served four years in the Marine Corps. Cameron learned German so he could read the work of Herman Hesse in the original language.

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