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December 2022/January 2023
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by Michael Fantina

Come and lead me four-winged fairy,
Through the forest's massive elms.
Hurry, hurry, do not tarry,
Show me hidden fairy realms.

Come, let your whirring wings of pearl
Show me where huge lilies swell,
And show me, too, the palest girl,
The undine risen from her well.

Now let the breeze unfold your hair,
Curls cascading as you go.
Then lead me to the secret lair
Of sleeping Sirens pale as snow.

Reveal to me strange fairy moons,
Whisk me to lost Circe's isle,
Where still some hero ever swoons,
Drowned in those eyes that so beguile.

Now wave your wand and make me small.
Shrink me with your fairy dust;
We'll play beneath the grass so tall,
Sating tiny fairy lust.

© 2001 Michael Fantina

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