Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Midwestern Vamp

by Mike Rasmussen

My curse is within me, yet can outward be seen
it burns in my veins, and it burns in my blood
an unholy fire I'll never control
crashing upon me, a demonic flood

It tears at my psyche,
it devours my soul
commanding relentless my body and mind
frankly I fear I am not in control

the others all hate me, shun me as well
and all too often take aim at my head
I hide in their attics, their ruins, their Tor,
all the time knowing I'm better off dead

Someone is coming, hush now, she's near
I know she be frightened, I smell it from here
she thinks I shall eat her, shall feast on her blood
unknowing I'd rather a steak and a beer

She's scrawny and thin, all bones and sinew
appearing nothing but a dirty young tramp
one day she'll realize, one day they'll hear
I am truly harmless, just a caloric vamp.

© 2000 Mike Rasmussen

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