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December 2022/January 2023
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A Flare of Beauty

by Michael Carl Musser

Author's Note: This poem is a continuation of the story begun in The Last Avatar of Light, The Death of Sirti, and The Death of a Savior.

From the heart of darkness, she came
A true evil, that bore no name.
A legend, that fell from the sky;
When she came, it was time to die.

An evil that knew men's hearts,
An evil that could sour a virgin's heart,
An evil that could turn false things true,
An evil that we never knew.

A legend whose story was told alone,
A legend that was exiled to atone;
But how can you atone for billions' deaths?
How can you turn to evil in a single breath?

An innocent's beauty was her gift;
She gave us hope, and made our spirits lift.
We thought she was good; we thought wrong;
We sang along to her blood-filled song.

Playing on flutes of silver and gold,
Together we sold her our souls.
And so, she began the war anew;
With our spirits, she had hope renewed.

And yet, evil is evil, through and through,
We fought for a cause that only she knew.
Now, ignorance is our grave,
And only silence fills the day.

Together, we might have been strong;
Together, we might have righted what was wrong;
Alas, togetherness was a fleeting dream,
As she was lit by the only sunbeam.

Over, and over, and over, we tried,
She exiled to atone, us exiled to die,
For her, no light was ever shown,
For beauty flares for lust alone.

© 1998 Michael Carl Musser

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