Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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War Dog’s Lament

by Mark Tracy

Remember my eyes
You who did make them.
For I saw Hell rise
With the wrath of him
In whom all grace dies.

Remember my nose
You sculptor of bone.
I smell in your clothes
The tears you have known
From terror so close.

Remember my ear
You shaper of life.
Now all I can hear
Is warfare and strife,
The voice of your fear.

Remember my brain:
You gave me its light.
I slipped from your chain
And gathered our might
That we should now reign.

Remember my jaws
You merchant of genes.
In defiance of laws
We gave you our means;
You gave us your flaws.

Remember my soul;
You wrought me too well.
Now I have your role,
For in me does dwell
Your failed, noble goal.

Recall while you can
The pathways we've trod,
And how you are damned:
You were not true god,
But you were

© 2007 Mark Tracy

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