Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Warrior’s Fate

by Byron Wheatley

The battles rages all around,
Bloody as ever to be found,
The king he whirls with bloody sword
As they strive to take the ford.

On and on he leads the men,
Charge again, Charge again.
Upon defenders shields they crash
Seeking enemies, wanting to smash!

The battle cries, the air they fill,
A hero strides forth with mighty bill.
To halt the charge he has sworn
His word will keep until the morn.

The king meets with hero brave,
As each strives the day to save,
The ring of steel, the cry of pain
No longer are they sane.

Like animals they fight.
Who has the might
To decide what is right
On this grim night?

Till morning they battle,
Till with clatter and rattle,
They fall together
Battle ended forever.

In Valhalla they'll meet,
At great Odin's feet,
As brothers and friends
To fight at the end.

© 2006 Byron Wheatley

Byron Wheatley is currently serving in the US Coast Guard aboard one of their aging cutters. When not at sea he attempts to survive the hectic Miami traffic long enough to jot a few words.

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