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December 2022/January 2023
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The Traveller

by Penny Cockrell

The traveller walks through time.
Time changes for him in the blink of an eye.
He is in ancient Rome and then in ancient Egypt.
The traveller never knows where he will end up.

He wants to stay in one place.
He wants to have a normal life.
His body never stays in one place for long.
The traveller is now in American Colonial times.

Maybe he will stay there.
The traveller likes it here.
He has planned to go hunting.
The traveller is walking in the woods.

He has reached the end of the woods.
The traveller sees something different.
People are wearing flowers in their hair,
living in houses on wheels and smoking hemp.

© 2006 Penny Cockrell

Penny Cockrell has been published in three anthologies by Poetry.com, and in the following publications: AlienSkin Magazine, Black Book Press, and Splizz.

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