Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Curtain Call

by Len Bourret

Time being measured
in the softness of moss,
protective covering of
red velvet calm,
Soothing scent of
rampant wildflowers,
growing in the glades
of the rocks, and the
tucks in the grass,
ferns swept forward
in the breath of an
unguarded moment,
An hourglass filled
with awe, in and
beyond the horizon
of a plot of land,
dawn's curtain of
light is slowly

The beat and rhythm
of life awakened,
silenced as eve's
curtain drops, in
silenced tranquility
of night,
the appearance of
time awakens from
peaceful dreams,
and the changes
that must take place,
the sands of the
hourglass mark
and measure,
that which its
actors portray
in the center
stage of time.

© 2006 Len Bourret

Len Bourret's articles, essays and poetry have appeared in numerous offline and online publications. His works, extremely popular and widely circulated, have a distinctively-unique voice. Len's goal is to have his works promoted by a well-known publicist, and circulated by a major distributor. If it is his destiny, he would like to become known as the Andy Warhol of poetry.

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