Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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We Are All Born Free

by Jacques du Moulin

So many stilled voices
That SEE and SAY and DO the dance of life.
So many stilled voices, standing mute on the sidelines
to stare with empty eyes
shuffling their feet with hands behind their back
just waiting to dance for once, with wild abandon
to know how it feels to be them without the face to meet the faces that we meet
the unexpressed desires that bubble to the surface frothing on the czardas
wanting out on the wild, torrential wave
but nowhere dare we find the fertile ground to spawn our mind
the mystery, the stunning turmoil of me and thee
what the mind takes and through some secret process, gives shape to thought
and makes shapes into forms that is the language of the soul which we all understand.
Is it love that makes the heart sing?
Or the love of a touching kindness?
Does the flower love the earth before it brings forth the blooms to bless the gifts?

© 2006 Jacques du Moulin

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