Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Bridging the Galaxies

by Karen L Newman

We met on an asteroidal dance floor
under a disco ball of stars
formed from glittering confetti
lingering from the Big Bang party.

Our love was a nova
brighter than all Omega Centauri
blinding our fears
blistering our relatives
burning away all sanity
when we as separate species
soon became one
until we multiplied like flies.

Our love gradually faded
as novas always do,
so we scattered to create a complex
bridge of DNA across the galaxies.

My eyes reflected comets crying
in the night as I stared
into space, alone again.

© 2006 Karen L Newman

Karen L. Newman is the author of the poetry collections EEKU (Sam's Dot) and ChemICKals (Naked Snake Press). She has over 150 publications in places such as EOTU Ezine, The Fifth Di, The Martian Wave, The Shantytown Anomaly, and Tapestry. She won the 2005 Kentucky Mary Jane Barnes Award and received two honorable mentions in the Eighteenth Annual Collection of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. Please visit her online at http://home.zoomnet.net/~karennew.

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