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December 2022/January 2023
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by Matthew P Menze

I sit and I watch,
And I add a notch.

One notch for one wrong,
And I hope it's not all wrong.

I hope that it all has a reason,
But not for long because there's another treason,

I sit and I Watch,
And I add a notch.

When will it end?
When will the evil bend?

I can't keep thinking of this,
Because evil just hissed.

I sit and I watch,
And I add a notch.

How can I count all of them?
How can evil have so many black-gems?

I must stop trying,
Because people keep dying.

I sit and I watch,
And I add a notch...just a few more.

© 2006 Matthew P Menze

At the time of writing, Matthew P Menze is 14 years old and lives in Marquette Michigan. He spends most of his life desperately trying to make something of artistic value. The rest of his time is filled keeping himself alive by eating and sleeping.

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