Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Astrophysical Graffiti

by Daniel C Smith

A farmer’s nightmare,
fodder for the tabloids,
alien teens delight-
crop circles.

Alien parents are glad
we can’t understand.

© 2005 Daniel C Smith

In the arena of speculative fiction, Dan Smith has over thirty short stories and poems either published or awaiting publication with various small press and semi-professional magazines, both print and web, including Bare Bone, Hadrosaur Tales, Revelation, The Leading Edge, The Martian Wave, Not One of Us and Scifakuest. In addition, Dan has published more ‘mainstream’ poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction in such venues as Inscape, Liquid Ohio, MindFireRenewed, and The SiNK.

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