Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Accidentally Let Loose in Space

by John Grey

Your apology was sucked up by the void
it was a conspiracy of tongue after all.
Maybe an imploding star could use it
or a planet decimated by a space-rock,
but save these lungs their sarcastic laughter
these cheeks their next cram full of jeer.
Even these thoughts that struggle to match
precious moments with winter ooze
balance executioner breaths
to the crime on your doped-up hands.
As for the next hour or so I won't forget
the black hole you have dug for me,
the faucet of the meteor shower
you gripped and turned so willingly,
or the comet you hauled my way like a spear,
or your connivance in the simple lack of oxygen
between here and God's
grotesque experiment in living effigy,
to see how my cold death will play
on the invisible fields of infinity

© 2007 John Grey

John Grey has been published recently in Agni,Hubbub, South Carolina Review and The Journal Of The AmericanMedicalAssociation. His latest book is “What Else IsThere?” from Main Street Rag.


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