Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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The Fallen Angel’s Ballad

by Ee Pin

An angel came up to me one night
Not the kind that existed in tales and movies
fake with halos and arrows or flaming swords
Smelling of lavender and oh so pure
This angel was different from the hallelujahs,
from the prayers and wishes granted and thrown
This angel came up to me
With soft blue eyes, eyes of millennia, eyes of pain and regret
love and death
But the death shined through
The angel had hair of blonde, of the sun, of the fire's outer limits
radiant without stain
It was naked, a babe, weak and vulnerable
an angel just born perhaps, I never could tell
I never lived a millennia
This angel had wings, like the movies and tales,
and the stories told from wise old men
This angel had six wings, protruding from
his back, three of black, three of crimson
Kuroi, akai [1]
The black wings had black feathers, black feathers had black feather tips
The red wings had red feathers, red feathers the red tips
Black ink dripped off the black wings, drip drop onto the ground, a trail
Scarlet, crimson, they all look the same, blood, drip drop drip drop
Crisscrossed in a mixture of ink and blood and the body that holds
the Words and the Heart

The angel came to me, saying nothing, doing nothing
except to come to me
It embraced me, and I felt heat searing within me, and cold from outside
The heart fired, the body cooled
The mind imagined the words
"I did it for love"
I could see the wings more clearly
Proximity aids the senses, and the view of black and red
And the view told me, the red wings had black tinges at their bases
The feathers were black at the roots, though red everywhere else
I asked it then, why the wings weren't pure
The angel pulled away, and smiled a smile which pierced my heart with sorrow and bitterness
The words formed again in the mind
"I'm tempering my love for His Law, and I will return"
Then it kissed me on my cheek, the kiss burning me with the passion of an angel that
had fought and still fights for love
The blood that rages throughout all Man and reveals to all what they are
The angel was keeping the passion at bay, but it was hard
To fight all alone, without friends, to enter a world where the Law does not want it
And then the angel is gone and I am alone once more
And the memory fades and I forget the thoughts in my head
And I am an old man
who had only seen an angel, nothing more

"Kuroi" means "black," "Akai" means "red" in Japanese

© 2005 Ee Pin

Ee Pin is a recent graduate from Melbourne University and now, with unemployment playing a major part of life, finds she has a lot of spare time. Thus, the writing, the agonizing and nonsense that comes out of her delicate yet malformed fingers. Not to forget the spoilt keyboard.

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