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August 2022
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by Andrew E. Wheeler

As sunset, fades the light of youth,
horizons passing as the day.
And living gives way to marking the path
with the pattern commanding the way.

and then

In turn, living fades to the Dreaming
of living as youth’s vision wrought.

and yet

With vigor, ‘neath the veil of the Seeming,
living stirs as a vision’s quest ought.

and so

At the Turning, my veil rent asunder,
with mind’s gaze awakening, young,
I perceive the burgeoning vistas
that lost youth ne’er traveled among.

I stand as a blind man gifted,
sight’s miracle breathing the day.
Pattern fades to the unbound horizons,
living’s flow ‘neath my fingers, as clay.

Author's Note This poem is dedicated to the wondrous community at fantasy-writers.org. I have spent the last twenty years in sloth and lethargy, and thanks to the spirit of sharing there, I am finally awakening as a writer. Thank you all.

© 2007 Andrew E. Wheeler

Andrew E. Wheeler is a professional writer of the business consulting flavor. In his spare time, he dabbles in fantasy, science fiction, and screenplays for epic blockbuster action flicks. His works can be viewed at fantasy-writers.org under the screen name of Wordsmith.

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