Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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The Benefit of Unions

by Iain Muir

I see satyrs carrying placards
”Less work and higher pay!”
Water nymphs demanding
A seven-hour seducing day.

There's a cloven-hoofed shop steward
Rabble-rousing in the night,
Calling gods “old-fashioned management,”
- Swears they're spoiling for a fight!

The picket lines are pixies,
The elves are out in force,
And just don't bleeding ask me
Where they found that wingéd horse.

The succubae and incubi
Want better hellspawn-care,
And yonder centaur stallion,
He just wants a bloody mare!

The vamps are out campaigning
For a dental plan pay hike,
But my muse won't join the union,
And she simply will not strike!

© 2004 Iain Muir

Iain Muir lives (most of the time) in a town on the shores of Botany Bay. He tries to write science fiction, fantasy, and poetry in between catching flights to consult with clients.

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