Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Call of the Moon

by Kevin Eastman

The nightly ritual has begun,
Just as it has for many a night.
By day the animals slumber,
Waiting for the Call of the moon,
The call of the party.

Night Falls;
On the dirty, dingy pathways,
The animals converge.
Forming their packs,
Like wild dogs.

The still air is torn,
A yammer is heard.
Rending the night, a howl.
The challenge is taken!

They face off,
Fangs are bared.
With claws flashing,
Sounds of battle fill the air.

The weak one falls,
The warrior stands proud.
The fight breaks up,
The party still calls.

It's getting late,
The sun's coming out.
It's time for the animals,
To sleep and wait,
For the Call of the Moon!

© 2004 Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman is a 38 year old man living in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. Aside from reading Aphelion, he mostly likes to read fantasy. He works as a Desk Clerk at a local hotel, including doing graveyard shifts. In his spare time, he does computer repair, takes care of some web pages, and Chairs a local Not for Profit organization.

He has been an Aphelion Irregular for a couple of years, and can be found regularly in the Aphelion Letter Column and sometimes Chat. He has had aspirations of writing in the past, but was never satisfied enough to make a submission before, so this would be his first.

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