Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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The Woven Sea

by Anjali Chandi

Fiercely guarded nymphs whirled like shamans
Praying chronological tribute to flaming waves;

Guiled troubled veiled brides –
Augered helmets clanged with dead shells,

Melancholy icicles formed a blade
Antique mothers hungered for kinship;

The endless clouds surged red dusty seeds
Piercing cloaked pearly obsidian streams;

Artifacts disturbed by clannish fishermen
Flaked and drifted in the fire setting sun:

An entangled reverie of fretful altars for
Matriarchal nymphs’ in conchoidal seas.

© 2004 Anjali Chandi

Anjali Chandi was born in India and raised in the USA. Her poems and stories have appeared in several collegiate & small-press print journals. An avid reader of mystery, theology, science fiction, and fantasy, she is currently working on a novel in sunny Florida.

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