Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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by Apryl Fox

How dark the universe was when
an egg crept
the wormwood out of
its shell into a brave new world.
Start at the beginning. Tell me
where would you like to go
do you have a home in the Milky
Way? Do your
eyes sweep the stars in search of
Heaven? O black hole,
where are the trenches that
snag your obsidian light?
We are doomed to repeat things
over and over as ancient
prophets tell us we’re all alien everyone of us
we’re all alien the color
of our skin doesn’t matter;
what are we to say if it's matter or not?
Will we rise from our ashes like the Phoenix,
are we to be reborn each day?
The wormwood lives a
thousand lives in a thousand
lightyears at the end of each life he
crawls up a Stair Case to
reach a certain point in
Heaven. The wormwood is its own
Hour Glass; it does not know Time it
does not know what it’s like to
be alien it always ends up being
absorbed back into the universe to
be reborn.

© 2004 Apryl Fox

Apryl Fox has been published previously in Word Riot, The Rose and Thorn Ezine, Offcourse Magazine, Tryst Magazine, The Southern Ocean Review, Fresh! Literary Magazine, and Star/Line. She is 22-years-old and is currently writing a science fiction novel.

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