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December 2022/January 2023
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The Bars Within My Mind

by The Rev. Theresa Jackson

I feel the bars within my mind,
No need for jail to be confined.
I'm in a jail that you and I can't see. (PAUSE)

Uncertain things that I can't shake,
Create this monster that helped me make
The bars within my mind that keep me Free. (PAUSE)

I'm fearing life. What does it hold?
No longer young, I feel so old.
I'm tired of this life that beat me down. (PAUSE)

I gave so much, yet not enough,
Say those who judged and made me tough.
I cry and paint my smile on like a clown. (PAUSE)

These bars that keep me safe inside,
Are rusted from the tears I've cried.
There's no way anyone can hurt me now. (PAUSE)

I'm safe from all life has to give.
There's no way I shall ever relive,
The past trials I have hurdled, yet somehow... (PAUSE)

The Jailhouse Blues won't steal my pride,
And these bars I have built up inside,
Might keep me from the Plan God has for me. (PAUSE)

But here inside I'm safe alone,
Until I find a place called home,
Without the bars that I need to be free. (PAUSE)

© 2004 The Rev. Theresa Jackson

Theresa Jackson is a 50ish going on 29 year old lady trying desperately to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. She has lived in Sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida all her life. She has been married four times and will NEVER pull that stunt again! Due to several tragedies in her life she has a couple of unfinished book projects and a script about these Tragedies that need to be finished. A fire recently gutted her home and took  practically everything she owned and killed the beautiful talking Cockatoo she'd had since it was a Baby! She is heartbroken, homeless, and currently living with her youngest son, Chip. She only submitted these poems as a feeler to see if anyone liked what she had to say. Their acceptance brightened her day and her attitude. She just may go forward with her projects now, and has Aphelion to thank for that.

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