Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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The Unborn God

by David A Olsen

Ten thousand years had come and gone
Ten men I had killed
Fighting for my strength
For me they gave no choice

One weakling man arrived alone
One time I did laugh
Killing was too easy
When prey was such as this

Two feeble knocks upon the door
Two doors I unlocked
Coming to my abode
While he shook with grim fear

Five clever words he did express
“Five gifts I have brought”
Laying them before me
While he begged for my strength

Six great curses I bound to him
Six spells I had borne
Fending for the unborn
Who is the future God

No longer bound, I did leave
No words of regret
Stranding him ever there
I took his place in life

© 2004 David A Olsen

David A Olson is a stay-at-home dad with a PhD in physics. In his free time he writes and dreams of other days.

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