Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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by Mike Rasmussen

I vaulted up onto the deck
and I peered across the sky
I had the feeling, once again
that I was about to die

I doused the lights, I drew my gun
I searched all about me
I wanted to be ready
when they got me, finally

I settled in, to wait it out
this feeling of sheer fright
I stayed awake, and well scared too
the duration of the night

The sun arose, it's rays shone on
through blue skies and sea beneath
But now when my panic's gone
too late, I spy ahead a reef

Warm and fuzzy do feel I
though endangered I may be
It's all, you see, because of my
really messed-up ESP...

© 2004 Mike Rasmussen

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