Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Conquering Demons

by Lanaia Lee

I am chased by devils and demons dealt with from the past
This horrible thing that help me achieve fate
I didn't want the role in which I was cast
I had no desire to play these unholy games.

Not one minute's peace since I destroyed you
Ridding the world of you all, diabolical plagues
Believe you me, I have paid many, many dues
When people used to mention your evil names my temper would flare like a gun powered keg.

Black magic, the dark arts: all these I have seen.
Ghosts, demons, and devils are all very real you see.
Witches, vampires, and banshees; all kinds of demons and fiends,
Always haunting me, I want them to stop, please hear my pleas!

Nights with full moons I do not like,
When the wind blows cold, I sometimes get an awful chill running up my spine.
To me things of the supernatural genre are all the same.
Creatures of the night are sometimes hard to define.

Ghosts, demons, devils hear my name!
I will say it once, Van Helsing, ghostly apparitions to this world I will make sure you will not cling
All supernatural run and hide if you don't want to play my game
To the world I want to conquer evil and to this sad old world peace I want to bring.

© 2004 Lanaia Lee

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