Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Septimus Warren Smith Takes a Walk in the Park

by Cameron Neilson

Dogs turn into people,
People turn into dogs.
The horror.
Once you stumble,
Septimus wrote on the back of the place card,
Human nature
Is upon you.
It is a ravenous,
Blood-lust driven
And the horror of
Dogs speaking
Can’t be stopped
By death.
And what do
Dogs turned into people whisper?
They speak of things
Only in hell.
I know this
All too well.

Copyright © 2002 Cameron Neilson

Cameron Neilson lives with his wife and two dogs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He studied psychology at the University of Oklahoma and served four years in the Marine Corps. Cameron learned German so he could read the work of Herman Hesse in the original language.

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