Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Natural Tones

by Durlabh Singh

I am the
Springtime of leaves,
And song of burnt
Meadows brief,
Where the water arms
The earth’s ploughed
Mingling with
Moon’s soft crust.

Capricious images
Of nursling plunders,
Shrouded to announce
To the world at large
Its blunders,
And crystallization
Of amorphous mass
Of feelings & sensations
Into significant forms
In a universe of values
Echoes of inner stance.

I am the
Spring sap of the leaves,
And song of meadows brief
Scars of earth
Peeled and ploughed
With bloods of
Moon’s dried crust.

I am the visibility of the day.
I am the invisibility of the night.
I am the spring sap of the leaves,
And the echoes of winter’s last rites.

© 2004 Durlabh Singh

Durlabh Singh is a poet resident in London , England and has been published widely in over 200 publications. His latest book of verse is CHROME RED (ISBN 1898030464)

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