Aphelion Issue 273, Volume 26
June 2022
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by Teri Wachowiak

Insha’allah, a lot when cast
A pattern makes for eyes that see
God’s will it is, what chance may come
Man’s deeds are all his legacy

A death is owed, all end the same
What profit then a man to fear
Yet tempting is the love of self
And faith grows weak as death draws near

While life is good, death comes to all
God’s choice it is, the where and when
To us He gave the choice of how
We bear ourselves to make our end

To choose to die for a greater good
Complete the task that must be done
And face the fear with faith held strong
You die in peace, knowing that you’ve won

All flesh is dust, time will devour
All consuming, Eater of the Dead
But memory lives in those we loved
Who remember what we did and said

Insha’allah, may you dwell in peace
To tell the story of those who died
Who gave their lives that you might live
And forevermore, dwell in Paradise

© 2003 Teri Wachowiak

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