Aphelion Issue 273, Volume 26
June 2022
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Drawing the Line

by Raymond Timmins

drawing the perfect line, turning out
the shortest distant between two points
into magic curves past numbers
with no end in their infinite roots cradling
the winking horizon of celestial
landscapes as seen through alien
telescopes distant and staring
in awe as we do them.

birth to death in rhythmic kaleidoscopic
visions and explosive pen strokes
always leaving a simple black trail
as it retraces ancient melodies with
a unique ink drawn from
the deepest wells of unknown
galactic kin breathing the same
obsession uniformly across the
expanse of a gentle sea, spreading
its arms wider and wider apart.

gas giants lie beyond, passing the
intellectual baton—relay in
perfect space and aesthetic grace,
we all form candles blanketing
purple skies in universal
sighs and whispers of atomic
origin flowing into the ears
of eternity—the hard drive
of spiritual freedom rages on
the ornate and jovial stages solemn in time:
every melody and memory, brushstroke
and alien architecture sublime.

© 2003 Raymond Timmins

I have a degree in Literature from the University of Central Florida. In addition to writing, I enjoy reading, painting, music, video games, riding public transport and harassing friends with useless rhetoric.

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