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December 2023 / January 2024
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by L. A. Story Houry

Jack Frost frustration
Pressed against dim
Windows – banished
From warmth within.

Scented dreams.
A future meal
That roasted
While we slept.

Mercury stillness –
Sentient quiet
Just before dawn
Pours its liquid light.

An eager cry.
A house alive
To wonder at
A newborn holiday.

Laughter makes
The air shimmer
Beyond bright windows;
Within warm walls.

A savored meal.
A rhythm becomes.
Voices set the cadence
For an aging day.

Quiet grows
With the twilight.
My lover’s profile washed
In multi-colored lights.

Holiday moon
Inspires belief.
Childhood magic
Remembered still.

© 2002 L. A. Story Houry

I am a published writer of non-fiction features, poetry and fiction. Most currently, I am the author of a weekly newspaper column, "The Story Hour," published in the Daily Corinthian every Wednesday. I have been writing for the newspaper for four years, with a year and a half as a newsroom reporter. During this time, I won an Associated Press Award (1999 & 2001) and two Mississippi Press Awards (2000) for my work.
In fiction, my most recent story The Escape (horror) was e-published online at author Shannon Riley's website as the featured author of the month for July 2002.

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