Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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She Breathes

by T A Marty

Sarumph sarray
My beautiful day
I understand it not
How dragonwings and rainbow dreams
Can move from spot to spot

Harash haday
They do not stay
Entombed in clay to rot
But sing and dance and breathing free
Go gently when summers hot.

Evol sa elay
They only say
On Tuesday will be gone
With tears of honey to feed your tummy
But soon you’ll be along.

Bagooda biday
And then we’ll play
As nightime softly breathes
And childhood dreams are as purple scenes
In fields of good brown leaves

Rawso rashay
As seagull stay
In winters time worn slot
The masks of summer fall green and gay
As the doors to fey close and stop

Encarta ecktay
The wisemen say
While gathering herbs to pot
Snow will come and snow will stay
As we have gone grey on top

Andsar aubellay
They also say
Of a cold and wintery lot
For spring to come from far away
One must groove and groove alot

Tibilous tibalay
And so don’t lay
Asleep upon your cot
But sing and dance and breathing free
Go gently when summer’s not

Hobiscus hickoley
Or the freeze may stay
Enclosing the faries spot
So jump from sleep with dragon wings
And fly with the moondogs lot

Eptoma erkolay
Come celebrate today
And dance on the rainbow walk
Listen for the flutes to show us the way
The flutes which are pans sweet talk

Saumpha surbelay
Returning today
Well be home at the fairies spot
Before midnights demise well be wealthy, and wise
Vowing love as our only lot

© 2002 Trevor A Marty

Trevor Marty lives in the upper-midwest, and has made writing his choice of careers. He has submitted to "The Sun", been published at "Short Stories Magazine.com". He also published an editorial piece for the Minneapois Tribune in December 2001.

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