Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Life Expectancy

by L. A. Story Houry

Big, shiny car
Sweet, smooth words.
Innocence in ashes.
Tears of regret.
Smoke-screened air.
Three-dimensional eyes.
Slow, deliberate smile.
A second of tenderness.
Fateful mornings.
Brilliant sunshine.
One stands out.
Tangible love.
Blinding pain brings --
A triumphant scream.
New life begins.
Feelings -- primal and complicated.
Best intentions.
Sunshine and storms.
Time to rest.
Humanity closes ancient eyes.

© 2002 L. A. Story Houry

I am a published writer of non-fiction features, poetry and fiction. Most currently, I am the author of a weekly newspaper column, "The Story Hour," published in the Daily Corinthian every Wednesday. I have been writing for the newspaper for four years, with a year and a half as a newsroom reporter. During this time, I won an Associated Press Award (1999 & 2001) and two Mississippi Press Awards (2000) for my work.
In fiction, my most recent story The Escape (horror) was e-published online at author Shannon Riley's website as the featured author of the month for July 2002.

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