Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Diamond Pete's Snapping Needlecorps

by Jennifer M. Boudreaux

Where this began
was far from here

An air-vent flutter
from a secretary's skirt
caught in an executive's eyelashes

A phantom synco-beat
memo-thrown from a
marathon strategy cluster
into a King's hands

This low wind on paper
drawing the monarch's eye
down Chunnel Lane

This makes him see,
"Brightness lies away from me.
I am old enough to need it close.
I am great enough that all
may feel this void below
their lowest bones."

A seeped covetousness
created thus

Officially proclaimed

Stone was pearled in
these men's hearts

One spits the scree far
flying wide random

Another pockets his
bitter offal

We are the men
We are the ranks
we are the rankmen
casting this stone to metal

We fling the King's sharp jealousy
from our lieutenant's hand

While he tends the fossil
boardroom hearts

© 2000 Jennifer M. Boudreaux

Jennifer Boudreaux is a Reference Librarian in Houston, Texas.

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