Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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by Phillip Blount

You look at me but you don't see me
You see the image of me that you want to see
You see the way I am dressed or the color of my skin
But you don't see the person within
See Me is complex, a loving person with a mind armor plated with steel
Just because you see me smile or frown don't think you know what I feel
Me is always calculating the odds just so I can defy them
Me is full of emotion no matter how I deny them
My mind exists in place that transcends your hypocritical grasp
You reach out to trap me with stereotypes but I blow right past
When you open your mouth and spit stupidity, you get in return my icy stare
I won’t fight this futile battle that can’t be won, I’ll just look as though you’re not there
Cause I know my true worth and it transcends your opinion
Only my God knows the sum of Me, and all my faults are forgiven
Yet you still try and tell me what I feel and what I think
But I know the true me and what you're saying is in sync
With the same old rhetoric, I must be this way or that
Cause I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and happen to be black
I couldn't help but let it affect me I just couldn't stay the same
You pigeonhole me if you want but I got icewater in my veins.

© 2002 Phillip Blount

I was born in Oklahoma City, OK in 1974. After spending eight years in the US Navy, I finally settled down with my wife and two children in Broken Arrow, OK. I have been writing poetry for about 12 years now and just recently began to explore writing short stories.

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