Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Solitary Voice

by David Soriano

A strange and disturbing voice
Whispers, suggestions and lectures
A world of reality and future predictions
Built inside his nocturnal mind.

Impossible to function
intrapersonal obsession
Certainly a constrained compulsion
Dysfunctional voyages into speculation

Sunlight streaming in the windows
Then my voice finally fades away
A broken link into conjecture
I know he’s not insane.

The laughter in my voice
Knowing he must live with this alone
Forces beyond his control
He dare tell no one of our conversations

© 2002 David Soriano

David Soriano teaches chemistry at the University of Pittsburg for a living. Other details in his own words: “I enjoy the world of poetry and the people in it. I enjoy writing poems dealing with nature, time, altered states of consciousness. I also write "disjointed poetry" which I hope will develop into a unique writing style in time.”

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