Aphelion Issue 283, Volume 27
May 2023
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Dead On Arrival

by David Soriano

In your hands
Are placed the sallow and the sapphire
Elf-fire and the elixir of life
Coupled to venerable thoughts on mystic psychography
And the royal color purple.

Friar Rush holding
The Book of Enoch
Samyasa, heal by touch
Of the blessed wonders of the old Hazel tree.

I can’t believe it’s Bave & Malphas
Practicing the old Eromanty
Nat in Nastrond
And the old practice of salty Alomancy.

I awakened from the strange dream
To the sound of muffled laughter
Who are you, pray tell
And how did you get in here?

I could feel icy beads of perspiration forming
As if you didn’t already know
Some ghosts are not so benevolent
And some, lost in thoughts, are apathetic.

My invisible footsteps grew louder
I was now spellbound or something stranger
It just isn’t easy to live with
The cold realization that…
you are alive in a brazen and fiery couldron.

© 2002 David Soriano

David Soriano teaches chemistry at the University of Pittsburg for a living. Other details in his own words: “I enjoy the world of poetry and the people in it. I enjoy writing poems dealing with nature, time, altered states of consciousness. I also write "disjointed poetry" which I hope will develop into a unique writing style in time.”

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