Aphelion Issue 273, Volume 26
June 2022
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We're All Insane Here

by Cameron Neilson

We're all insane here.
As the worms crawl up your ladder-spine,
And the slow boat rows down bloody wine
We're all aboard a rotting ride.
We're all insane here.

We wear a face;
A tattered mask in a fetid race.
We smother it with make-up,
With lipstick red, with bile yellow,
With fetus blue we wear a face.

Can you spare a dime
For a corpse by the road?
These maggots won't leave me alone,
And I'd like to call home
And tell mom where I've been.

And do we dance!
Our bones hiding in folds of flesh,
We mask our intentions as the ants
Eat their way into our minds
We're all insane here.

© 2002 Cameron Neilson

Cameron Neilson lives with his wife and two dogs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He studied psychology at the University of Oklahoma and served four years in the Marine Corps. Cameron learned German so he could read the work of Herman Hesse in the original language.

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