Aphelion Issue 246, Volume 23
December 2019 / January 2020
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Slowing The Speed Of Light

by Kate Thornton

I read it in the news today
The speed of light got slower
In a laboratory here
We exercised this power

It's just a measurement, we claim
A way to compare speeds
A way to measure just how fast
We can accomplish deeds

Or is it something else, this thing
This slowing of the light
Is it just the first of many
Blinkings in the night?

Can we slow it down still more
How far can we go
Can we bring it to a stop
In our quest to know?

Can we halt them all this way?
Photon, atom, quark
Will we, searching for the light,
End up in the dark?

© 2001 Kate Thornton

Kate Thornton lives in California where she writes mystery and science fiction short stories. Her website is www.sff.net/people/katethornton

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