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May 2023
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Issue 40 Volume 04 October 2000


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual ravings about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

The Anartek Part 2 (of 2)
Michael Patrick Aiello
For generations the Anarteks had lived apart from the rest of humanity, isolated in a far corner of the solar system. Their credo was technological creation, and now they had come up with the greatest of them all: the instantaneous movement of matter through space.
For Earth the news couldn't be worse. The uncontrolled introduction of new technologies into the economy had already caused untold misery. More upheavals would not be tolerated. But for private investigator Angelo McAuley, the issues were simple: survive. So, when a mysterious Earthman named Samuel Tanner asked him to investigate the disappearance of a drug addicted aristocrat, Angelo could hardly say ‘No’…

Whose Sword Is It, Anyway? Part 4 (of 5)
Ralph Benedetto, Jr.
The College of Ru'aath has turned out the keenest swordsman, the ablest spell casters and the finest musicians of the age. That's probably why Caitlin, Mal and Rivenbark got kicked out.

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Short Stories

Saul Snatsky
Charena knew that it was dangerous to become an alien lifeform, even temporarily.

Night Spawn
Shalane L Weidow
Shalane considers this story raw and poorly written, but with a strong storyline. Feel free to give her hell in the lettercol (constructive hell, that is).

The Barren Marsh
Ralph Benedetto, Jr.
Magic, mayhem, a little confusion, the living dead, blood unusual pseudoreligious rites. Is this a great way to start a friendship or what?

The Best of Us
Tim Nordstrom
A historical horror intended to depict the effect of the first World War on the generation that lived (and died) in it, "The Best of Us" is derived heavily from poetry of the period, particularly that of the English poet Wilfred Owen.

The Champion
Bob Yosco
How do you kill a man who doesn’t flinch at the sight of a fireball, laughs at lightning bolts, and eats demons for breakfast? If you are a sorcerer, you need to come up with a new trick.

The Orbital Café
Iain McWilliam
On a dark night, a wrong turn takes two travellers on a lonely journey into fear.

The Tomb of Bill Gates
Frederick Rustam
Now and in the future, never sell a billionaire short.

Two Sides To Every Coin
Will Jenkins
A short tale illustrating the dangers of sleeping in abandoned houses.

Karl Eschenbach
The greatest horrors are real.

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
Shalane L. Weidow
A Writer's Challenge II Story: "Beauty may be only skin deep, but evil goes all the way to the bone…"

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Poetry and Filk Music

Come Close Children
David Blalock

Diamond Pete's Snapping Needlecorps
Jennifer M. Boudreaux

Hurry Up
Joseph B. St. John

The Vigil
Iain Muir

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Articles and features

Double Wide
by Jim Parnell
Jason Phone Home — You make your own yuck
WARNING: Contains Language.

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