Stranded: **Part 7** A Tale from the History of Bethdish

Planet of Bethdish, Kingdom of Intile Star League Year 2762 -- Local Date: Year 4921

As we waited for the machine's return, the Baron was giving orders to his men. I didn't overhear what was said, but from all the arm waving I'd guess that it was about a medal for the machine. The Reever was quiet, just looking off in the distance towards the rapidly vanishing invaders. "What happens now?" I asked.

"Now we return to the castle and summon a repair team for Havoc. At the same time we can ready the ship there for your people's departure. It may take some time to familiarize yourselves with the controls enough to navigate back to your homeworld."

"Thank you, from all of us," I said.

To be continued...

To be continued...

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Copyright 1998 by Dan L. Hollifield

Author's Note:

Bethdish is a world circling a star, called Antuth by the natives (who named the star after the chief deity in their pantheon), presently some 65 lightyears from Earth. Rumor has it that the entire solar system had earlier been located in the Andromeda Galaxy, but was moved by some mysterious force to its new location in our own Milky Way Galaxy. The surviving written history of Bethdish covers some 12,000 years, (with the afore-mentioned displacement to the Milky Way occuring in their year 6055 -- circa 3140 AD, Terran Calendar) but the records of the Immortals reportedly go back roughly a billion years and relate the rise and fall of several civilized eras of non-immortal natives before the present recorded history begins.

The Immortals claim to have been directly created by the Gods of Bethdish, while the diverse non-immortal species are said to have evolved naturally. The several alien colonies now present are, of course, immigrants. One Xenoarcheologist of note, Professor Eustas Gray of the Emperor Norton University of San Francisco, has published several monographs on the subject of excavations on Bethdish that purport to uphold the Immortal's beliefs. Other experts in the field dispute his findings, but all the evidence is not yet in.

Further records of the history of Bethdish are forthcoming from this Author, while previous excerpts are available in your local information network.

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