Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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June 2022 Short Stories

Auntie Brit
By J. M. R. Gaines
Sometimes the familiar becomes something totally unexpected...

Miracle Men
By D J Rout
Sometimes, miracles do happen. But if that's all that EVER happens?

Homeward Bound
By John E. DeLaughter
Some things we need to have explained. Who better to explain than the unexplainable...

Keep busy or else! Nobody has to Work Anymore. Utopia?
By George T. Philibin
Retirement can become just a tad stressful. Especially when it's your full-time occupation...

Now That You're Dead
By Daniel Burnbridge
Talk about those "call center spam-callers" never giving up...

Temporary Company
By Nicholas J. Devlin
No good deed goes unpunished..."