Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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December Short Stories

The Black Melody Journal
by Travis Walsh
"A secret between her and the hundreds of silver silhouettes staring at her from the field behind the old, perfect house."

Peach Clobber
by William Joseph Roberts
How far can VR go? How far SHOULD it go?

Late Bloomer
by M. J. Guillotte
"They all hoped for new soil in the end."

The Wizard and Sorceress of Crater Lake
by Bruce Rowe
The true origin story of Crater Lake.

Horror at Willow Lake
by Isaac Lowry
Come on, David, you've gotta be better than this.

by Carl Walmsley
"Look after them – but let them grow up. At some point, that will mean letting them grow beyond you."

Best of 2020

The Beyond Is The Beginning
by J. B. Toner
"I was Archon, steward of the Maker. I was Death, the shatterer of worlds. I was Man, the mediator. I was something new."

Aidan in St. Stephen's Green
by T. J. Matthews
"Discipline. Discipline and control. Along straight lines. Not squiggly. Not curvy. Too many curvy lines, these days."

The Sum of His Parts
by Jeff Parsons
Spider (or, excuse me, Aubrey) makes first contact.

The Roosterfish Pie of Ovas-9
by Arto Koistinen
"The place was a right backwater. It was also the only planet in the galaxy where you could still find true roosterfish."

On Paper, Rock and Water
by Margaret Karmazin
"Was it simply enough to produce art if no other sentient creature other than himself laid eyes upon it?"

by T. Richard Williams
Being a cyborg isn't all arm cannons and laser vision, you know.