Aphelion Issue 290, Volume 27
December 2023 / January 2024
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P&E Top TenP&E Top TenP&E Top Ten

Hello and welcome to the February 2020 issue of Aphelion! The beginning of our 23rd year online!

We're happy to see each of you return to grace our pages once again. Welcome back! While our holiday issue was running, the Preditors and Editors annual Readers Poll took place. Over two thousand votes were cast for the nominees in many, many categories. Aphelion readers must have been well represented in the voters, because we were granted Top Ten status in no less than eight different categories! Furthermore, several Aphelion contributors won awards for works not published in Aphelion, so the zine was well represented all across the board.

Standings for Magazine/e-zine Cover Artwork, 3rd Place: Nate Kailhofer, Aphelion Webzine

Standings for Magazine/e-zine Editors, 3rd Place: Dan Hollifield, Aphelion Webzine

Standings for Fiction Magazine/e-zines, 4th Place: Aphelion Webzine,

Standings for Poetry Magazine/e-zines, 2nd Place: Aphelion Webzine,

Standings for Writers' Discussion Forum, 3rd Place: Aphelion Webzine Forums,

Standings for Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories, 5th Place: Scavenger, Denny E. Marshall, Aphelion Webzine,

Standings for Positive Future Short Stories, 2-Way tie for 4th Place: Second Earth, Sergio 'ente per ente' PALUMBO, Aphelion Webzine,

Standings for Poems, 4-Way Tie for 4th Place: Rum Runners and Pirate Saints Claria, Part 1: The Birth of the Demon Fish, THERESA GAYNORD, Aphelion Webzine

Special congrats to Michele Dutcher, 5th Place: Top Ten Magazine/E-Zine Editors, Michele DUTCHER, Horrified Press

Special congrats to Sergio Palumbo, Steampunk Short Stories, 2-Way tie for 1st Place: Cold inside, Sergio 'ente per ente' PALUMBO, Millhaven Press/ Dan Gallagher, Author Dan

Horror Short Stories, 4-Way Tie for 6th Place: The last seabus on the Burrard Inlet…, Sergio 'ente per ente' PALUMBO and Ernesto CANEPA, HellBound Publishing

Special Congrats to Denny Marshall:
Best Artist: Denny E. Marshall Denny Marshall
Best Artwork: Voyager, Denny E. Marshall Denny Marshall Files
Best Book Cover Artwork: 22 Stories, Denny E. Marshall Denny Marshall Files
Best Poem: Hard Rain, Denny E. Marshall, Page & Spine Page & Spine Showcase
Best Magazine / e-zine Cover Artwork: Bards & Sages Quarterly July 2019, Denny E. Marshall Denny Marshall Files

Congratulations to all the winners in all the categories across the board! Well done, everyone! That is a great start to a new year online.  I'm so happy for everyone to be recognized  by their peers and readers.
Thanks to all the readers, writers, artists, and poets who have returned time after time, year after year, the Aphelion Staff is both proud and delighted to begin its 23rd year of bringing you the best stories, poetry, and artwork to be found. We've outlived not only 99% of the e-xines that existed in 1997, but quite a few websites in general. We've pioneered a few of the stylistic changes to websites over the years. We were in the lead for Shared Universe series. We've changed, adapted, and grown each year. But our core mission has never changed. We have brought you, and will continue to bring you the very best Amateur works in every category we cover. No ads, no membership fees, no submission fees, no reader fees--just stories and poetry. The style and look of the Zine will continue to change, but what makes us Aphelion never will!

Everything we are is because of you. Our writers succeed not only through their hard work, but also because of you. Your comments in the Forums help everyone continue to learn and grow, and to become the best they can be. I am proud of each and every one of you! And I humbly thank you for everything you have done.

23 years, closing on a quarter century, yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. It's been an awesome ride so far. Lets just see how far we can go, shall we?
Now that I've said my piece, I'll shut up and let you get to reading the new stories, LOL! Please do feel free to comment on the stories by going to our Forums section and making your thoughts known. The writers will thank you for it. Plus, you'll be helping them become better writers, too.


Title:  VLT view of binary system R Aquarii from 2012

Photo Credit: ESO