Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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December Short Stories

by Andrée Gendron
It's altogether too easy to rip off tourists. Exponentially more so when they aren't the same species.

The Touch of God
by Bogi Beykov
The search for a greater power needn't be restricted to one planet.

Too Many Thoughts
by David Smith
"I always heard everything. Why? Why me? Just so many damn thoughts. Too many thoughts."

Dead Men Tell Too Many Tales
by Daniel Kamin
Surely it shouldn't be too difficult to track down a missing zombie?

Time Warrior
by Adam Carlton
"Today's lecture concerns our tactics in securing Minsky-4 for the Empire. We had to deal with the aboriginals we called time hunters."

The Year of Job
by Jason Arsenault
"Job loved money. Just knowing he had loads more than most was enough to get him out of bed in the morning."

by Harrison Kim
"This story is what Pipikwan legends call the meaning of Wisikewena."

History of the Early Dymbrini Era
by George Schaade
And so begins a new era of history.

Best of 2019

The Butterflies on a Dead Man's Bed
by Kamila Modrzyńska
"Queen Inęs sat on the throne. Eyes full of dread, nobody dared to move."

Closing Time at the Speckled Wolf
by Rab Foster
Grud's just trying to run a bar. He doesn't have time for any of this nonsense.

San Miguel
by Elizabeth Hurley
"Do you consider yourself a man of God?"

Darren and the Dark Lord
by Daniel South
What happens when the villain wins everything they ever wanted?

The Stone Mason
by Scott Cafarella
The generations dance on the walls together.

by George Schaade
This cafe has a lot more than delicious breakfast specials.

Ultima Thule
by J. B. Toner
A million universes, a million timelines, one martial art to span it all.

Brother Thomas's Night
by Francis-Marie de Chatillon
“Oh Thomas, you are in trouble. Deep, deep trouble.”