Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Serials & Long Fiction

The Lights
By Jim Mountfield
Who'd punish innocent children for something their parents did?.

Elegant Slumming
By Richard Tornello
When the Creator got pushed out of office--She took a vacation!

***Best Long Fiction of 2019***

Selected by Long Fiction Editor Lester Curtis

The House of Master Essen
By AD Ross
Elendra joined the trading caravan in hopes of acquiring some needed wealth for her family. What she obtained was altogether different.

Monkfruit Investigates
By T. Richard Williams
Old Earth history and ancient artifacts take Stevia Monkfruit's job as an exoarchaeologist in a direction he never expected.

Juggler and Znuek
By Emil Eugensen
Lieutenant Plovinski needed every bit of his resourcefulness—and some alien mythology—to accomplish his mission.