Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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March Short Stories

One Man's Meat
by C. E. Gee
These are animatronics, in a sense, but also a little bit more.

A Broken World Waits in Darkness
by Aiki Flinthart
A chance purchase from a strange store helps wreack some exquisite karma.

Hollows of the Milky Way
by L. S. Popovich
“The very reason I had a care regulator installed, Darling. I can leave my stress at work and enjoy the fullness of life without worrying about things like charity and kindness.”

The Doleful Tale of the Bucket of Blood
by Francis-Marie de Chatillon
"To those who come upon this poor journal I must ask both their forbearance in the reading of and, indeed, their forgiveness for its shameful content. Oh, for in truth this is a record of proceedings most contrary to God and man. "

Closing Time at the Speckled Wolf
by Rab Foster
Grud's just trying to run a bar. He doesn't have time for any of this nonsense.

Rabbit Stew
by Kit Ahn
Research is all-consuming.

Silver Tongue part II: The Departure from Propriety
by William Roberts
Visiting the in-laws was never such a damn chore.

A new Mare Inebrium story by Dan L. Hollifield:
Shell Beach

by Dan L. Hollifield
"The 'Lost And Found' at the Mare Inebrium sometimes includes people..."