Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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February Short Stories

by Ishmael Soledad
The victim of a triple homicide, all three of them, wants his murder(s) solved.

No Man's Land
by Dan Zangerl
"No Man’s Land doesn’t let you go. Not till it’s done with you…. "

Cal Eliminates the Squirrels
by Andrew De La Pena
Squirrels are really annoying little guys, aren't they?

The Butterflies on a Dead Man's Bed
by Kamila Modrzyńska
"Queen InÍs sat on the throne. Eyes full of dread, nobody dared to move."

The General's Last Battle
by Jack Mellanby
A long career in the military garners a lot of glory, but surely it must end sometime?

A Soldier for Melinda
by Cary Semar
From one army to another.

by Philip Berry
History vindicates the victor? Perhaps.

Let Me Out Of Here
by Bernie Silver
"My plan is to go Sane."

I Saw the Black Rider
by David Smith
This old man has a story to tell.

Heart of a Robot
by Deepti Nalavade Mahule
"Laila, you haven’t met a Robo-Maid yet, have you?"

A new Mare Inebrium story by a writer new to the series:
Closet Cases

by William Joseph Roberts
"Stockholm Syndrome can get really, really complicated. Especially when..."