Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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July Short Stories

by John Powers
192 years takes you through a lot of history.

The Champion
by C. E. Gee
"I am at the twilight time of life."

Morning Starship
by Paul Lubaczewski
Glam rock is dead, but Spif isn't.

by Ishmael Soledad
This is the land of opportunity; if you're willing to compromise parts of yourself, of course.

Pandora's Return
by Morten Stender
To see the world in an orb of glass/And heaven in a wild flower

The Spell-Broker's Death
by Joshua Grasso
"Sometimes you can feel your death."

The Real Taste of Darkness
by Nikhil Kshirsagar
Are you prepared for the true taste of darkness?

Hotel Robot
by David Baresch
"I caught my flight and in the sky I pondered on our future times and our lives in bed with passive machines - a nightmare or a dream?"

The Rusalka's Embrace
by Christopher Palmer
"The sea is always the temperature of the sea and it's never too cold nor too warm for those such as me."

by Ted Viciant
You'd better be confidant in your abilities when you put an AI in charge.

Break a Leg
by Margaret Karmazin
Showbusiness is a wild ride, and she's ready to take it.

Rosie's Revelation
by Susan Anwin
The light of God isn't always what it may seem.